Fev 10
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Tomorrow is my last day in my current job. Which is really odd... I remember being in the exact same place this time last year: praying for a change, longing to move from a dead, done and dusted job into something exciting and new... Right, I guess this happens every year around Feb/Mar. I sometimes think about this incapacity of mine to stay put in the same job for more than a year - year and a half if I'm lucky. I'm changing jobs for the third time in 3 and a half years! Some might say I'm running away from something or someone. Others may say I'm just plain lucky to be able to go across so easily...


I prefer to think that I'm lucky. And now with the new job. New Life, new job, new blog. That's right...


Vida nova, mudança, começar a limpo, do zero :D

A sorte constrói-se.

bluesy traveler a 26 de Fevereiro de 2010 às 12:07