Set 10
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This morning I had an email in my inbox with the following subject:




Well, yes. Oui, dirais-je même plus... Ou alors, "oui, si je ne m'abuse...".


It was quite a coincidence given that I do associate french with school - which is normal after spending 15 years in a french one and living in Paris for a few months at Uni - and I had (yet) another important school milestone yesterday. I presented my Master's dissertation, at 7pm, and it appears it went well. The system is slightly different from the one in Portugal or France in which you immediately know whether you passed or not (and you know your grades before you present the thesis, for that matter...). In my case, I had an unofficial letter in July advising me I had passed my exams and inviting me to present my dissertation in September. I will probably receive a similar letter later this month / beginning of October but the grades won't be out until NOVEMBER. Quite outrageous, especially when I think of the money I'm paying them, but I can't do much more than wait..


So, my dears, you'll have to bear with me. I was told by my professor (the "unofficial version of the unofficial letter"...) that I had nothing to worry about, but I still need to wait until November to be called a Master. Master Kawamura da Silva Pincel!!

Boa! E depois passo a chamar-te Mestre Silva? :D
Tulipa Negra a 18 de Setembro de 2010 às 10:29

knew u would make it :D (novembro blablabla)

beijos pá!
F a 18 de Setembro de 2010 às 21:50