Dez 10
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Don't you just love when people in the tube "carry" a very intelectual book such as "Brave New World", "War and Peace" or "The Origin of Species" and then end up spending their entire journey peeking into the Metro or The Sun that the passenger next to them is reading? I love this, they look so ridiculous holding this bible of modern literature and trying to look intelectual while blatantly reading about the latest Katie Price, Cheryl Cole or X Factor gossip on someone else's newspaper. The power of massification - fucking brilliant.


Another one of my favourites on London's tube rush hour: idiotic city boys carrying heavy CFA books for everyone to see (CFA is just a 3 year professional certification that is very sought after in the financial industry because it's fucking hard to achieve, which makes it excellent "Showing Off" material on the Jubilee Line) and then spending their entire journey playing Angry Birds or Solitaire in their iPhones (lately in their iPads). Gotta love these people.


No, really, gotta love'em.

É por isso que eu leio a Dica da Semana e vejo as promoções do LIDL.

:) chuac
F. a 3 de Dezembro de 2010 às 10:25

Lá está, literatura bem mais apropriada para se ler nos transportes públicos. Pior ainda que o Brave New World vi eu em Lisboa, no metro, uma senhora a ler o Diário da República logo pela manhã. Nossa Senhora...
Kawamura a 4 de Dezembro de 2010 às 15:59