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Immigration cap move 'unlawful'








Appeal over death driver ruling








'Disappeared' victim laid to rest








'I found my dead family'








Rape case woman speaks of ordeal








Life sentences for family killer








Woman detained as girl, 4, killed








Accused man smashes out of court








Your austerity Christmas








Freeze shuts schools and airports








UK banks 'at risk from eurozone'








Woman held in Malaysia drugs raid







Seriously, you all have a very, very, very Happy Christmas. As happy as can be. Because the news are definitely not for weak stomachs and we all need a well deserved rest. So, and even among a debt crisis, a bank bonus row, my future non-existent bonus, the NHS cuts, the soaring university fees, the Irish sovereign rating downgrade, the Portuguese debt crisis worsening, snow that doesn't stop falling, London Underground that insists in treating people like big fat cattle, the sharp increase in tuberculosis in London, Christina Aguilera who insists in, well, existing, the Peru floods, the Koreas clashing for no reason, Asylum seekers drowning while trying to disembark in Australia and bills still reaching our mail boxes and defying the icy roads, I'm sure we'll all find some time to stop and think about what the hell we're doing here.


I've always made fun of my grandmother because, every Christmas until my parents divorced (and we actually would spend Christmas all together), she would withdraw to her bedroom after everyone was served with their Christmas dinner, kneel down on the floor and pray. Pray for me, my mother, my brother, my father, my auntie, my cousin, my grandfather, the entire family, her friends, her mother and father, her family who had passed away, her family living abroad, all our extended families, the lady from the corner shop, the gents from the butcher shop, the bus drivers, her hairdresser, her neighbours, people on the streets, people living on the streets, people being born and dying as she prayed. Time has shown me how foolish I was to underestimate the power of Faith, particularly coming from a eighty-odd year-old woman who, as a youngster, had to share a sardine with her seven brothers and sisters because there was no money for more. Grandma, I'm so so sorry for this, and I'll make sure I tell you exactly this when I'm in Lisbon for Christmas, next week. Time and Life have shown me how you absolutely MUST live each day as your last. You MUST do so. Happy Christmas, everyone, and have a simply marvellous 2011.

Feliz Natal para ti também! De preferência, mais optimista... E boa viagem, pelo menos em Lisboa não neva e não consta que a Christina Aguilera passe por lá nos tempos mais próximos. :)

Tulipa Negra a 18 de Dezembro de 2010 às 18:54

Vem depressa :-) Miss you so much..
Ana a 19 de Dezembro de 2010 às 20:34