Jan 11
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Konichiwa!! (i.e. "hi there" in Japanese - what a coincidence of sounds... KONIchiwa...)


Still on the easy joke tone - it looks like these things are following me! Classy...




Anyway, loving the country, with or without "Konas" (I'm still to find a "Kunami" somewhere - that would really make my day!). Now, I'm bracing myself for 3 days in the mountains free from Internet and with - most likely - a poor mobile reception. Only three things to do there: eat, bathe in volcanic hot spring water and XXXXXXX :)






Há vidas mais baratas. Mas não são tão boas :D
F. a 25 de Janeiro de 2011 às 17:58

Kunami, Funimi, Fafalhi, Katuki e Maracaté.
Muito bom. Já vi comer e gostei!
Grande abraço
Niagara a 26 de Janeiro de 2011 às 00:33