Fev 11
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Long live the almighty nineties... As our dear friend Niagara mentioned, t'was the time to be crappy, and be proud of it. T'was the time to live on air, coffee and SG Ventil ('boro for the posh people...). T'was the time to be deep (or try to), fool around as much as possible, attend univerity fees demonstrations and go the extra mile to be seen wearing a denim jacket or to get into a Guns'n'roses concert. And, of course, t'was the time to listen to Tory Amos, Garbage, Mazzy Star, Suzanne Vega, Live and Nirvana the whole time.Things have changed? Yes. For the best? In a way, yes. On another hand, some aspects of life are clearly worst now. But let's not stick to those and move on, shall we?