Fev 11
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Okay, it's official - one of these days I'll get my arse whipped on the street because of my big fat mouth... I was walking down the stairs into London Bridge station to come home from work and I noticed that someone was walking very slowly and stalling the pedestrian traffic (London is the only city I know where you have to queue to get into the station, from the ticket hall to the platform, from the platform to the ticket hall, etc.). So this person was walking so slowly that I couldn't stop myself from barking a "vamo lá a mexer esse rabo gordo, pá, que tenho mais que fazer!". Obviously, and in line with my past experiences, someone replied from the depths of the stairs shouting a "se tás com pressa passa por cima, ó palhaço".






It's time to move again to a different city. To the far east., preferably...