Fev 11
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The most bizarre thing happened today at the office. I was in the pantry, calmly filling my bottle of water and getting myself a coffee when this tall brunette woman in her mid-thirtees came around to pick up something she had left microwaving. She suddenly stopped and, with a heavily french accented English, said excuse me, do you mind if I ask you a strange question? Errm... yes? Could you please tell me the name of your perfume? I've smelled it before but I've never been able to obtain the name. Errm... Errmm... (me, blushing) Errm!... It's for my partner, I would like to offer him that exact same scent (sourire de coquetterie...) Oh, errm, well, in that case, it's Allure from Chanel Ah, mais bien sûr, Chanel, thank you very much sir You're welcome. I almost burst her bubble by telling her that she was making her boyfriend wear a perfume that is also worn by a gay guy at the office (aka me :D ). But then I decided to keep my mouth shut - we are sharing the same office after all...


I then asked whether she was french and we briefly talked in french Yes, I'm french, why, would it make the question less strange, sir?


Non, mademoiselle, not at all.


France? J'adore-ish.