Mar 11
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I started cycling to work again on Monday after a few months off due to... skin conditions (I'll pass the details, yuck). The first day I almost got ran over three times. A guy in a white van decided to open the door as I was cycling past and I almost slammed against it. Then, a cycling moron cuts in front of me without respecting the priority and straight from the pavement (yeah, the pavement, not the road). Then, coming back home, an idiot almost hit me when turning left on a junction - if you don't make the left sign, how the hell am I supposed to know you're turning left, you fucking jerk?! I guess the wooden bracelet I bought at the Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto is doing a good job keeping the bad spirits away :)...


As expected, and due to the ridiculously low temperatures in London this week (-2Cº in the morning, yaiks!!), it took me as little as 2 days to get a cold. Not only a cold, but a cold with a cold sore. Brilliant. I've got red spots on my face, a huge cold sore on my upper lip, a blocked nose and light green, pasty stuff coming out of my lungs (apologies for being so graphic but that's actually the whole fun of putting it in a post). Just what I needed one day before I'm due to present 2 papers at an important Committee at work... Some things are just meant to be - unlike Mr Dino (who's got nerves of steel, I always call him my Chinese James Bond) I'm always very nervous when presenting something, except when I'm ill. I shall arrive with a sick face, a sick mood and give a sick presentation. They'll just have to approve it :).

Estou deste lado a torcer para que corra tudo bem. E, como costumamos dizer, muita merda*
F. a 9 de Março de 2011 às 22:02

:) b:êju gordo nessa buxeixa!
Kawamura a 9 de Março de 2011 às 22:28