Mar 11
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I noticed today - while I was having breakfast - that I was unable to peel a banana the same way I used to. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I was able to peel a banana the same way I used to in Portugal... Weird.



Why do people stroll leisurely in tube stations during rush hour? Move it people, move it! The escalator is to escalate, not to park!



Phone and internet at work are still dead – had to relocate to another desk for the time being. What a pain (I'm being nice here...)!

Aposto que a banana não era da Madeira, era esse o problema. E no metro eram turistas que andavam a passear e queriam ver tudo muito bem visto para depois contar à família. :)
Tulipa Negra a 10 de Março de 2011 às 13:52

Sim, da Madeira não era, de facto. Fruta Portuguesa aqui só na forma de Essentials da Compal... Beijinho!
Kawamura a 11 de Março de 2011 às 07:06