Mar 11
By Kawamura, às 15:38link do post | Comments

I am deeply shocked with what happened (and is still happening) in Japan. They are used to earthquakes but this is way too much, even for a country as well prepared as Japan. The violence of the entire situation was overwhelming, the horror of what we've been seeing on TV is immense. I truly hope that the Japanese people are able to get up and show the World how you should behave when a catastrophe strikes: get up, lick your wounds, stand tall and move on.


Having said that, an earthquake struck Southern China one day before the Japanese disaster and nobody seems to care about it. It was less powerful, less people died, no tsunami happened. This means that only one "impact footage" can be found on You Tube and the event is being completely overlooked by the World. But the pain and suffering are just the same as across the sea in Japan...


In any case, my heart is with all of those poor people suffering and I really wish them well.