Abr 11
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Another trip to Bristol, another four hours stuck inside a train. But I have learned to enjoy these commutes, even though they start at 5:30 in the morning with the alarm clock buzzing in my ear.


Twenty minutes to Kilburn Park station - Rihanna's 'S&M' in repeat, full blast into my ears to wake up properly.


Five minutes to Paddington - 'Dancing on my Own' from Robyn. At that point I knew the day had to be sweet.


Two hours to Bristol Temple Meads - a Medley that started with 'Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune' from Debussy by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra sponsored by a fantastic sunrise, 'Estrela do Mar' from Jorge Palma and - the pièce de résitance - 'All These Things' from Kuniyuki Takahashi as we were approaching the platform - just perfect.


Ten minutes brisk walk to the office - just the time to go through 'Samba Toff' from Sexteto de Jazz Moderno and 'Você' from Roberto Menescal.


The day was good. A bit of everything: meetings, confidencial talks, report writting, coffee drinking, a bit of back-stabbing, emails, emails, emails - you know, normal stuff you do during a normal work day in a normal work environment <sarcasm>... The day was good simply because it wasn't bad. Even when the news came out that something we had been working on for - literally - months had been cancelled. I guess it was the Forces of the Universe again, those bitches. Oh well, at least the weather was great - literally a day of glorious sunshine and a canicule of 23C in April...


Twenty minutes back to Temple Meads (not briskly this time, I couldn't care less) with 'Lilliquoi Moon' from Me'Shell N'degeocello - what you're listening to right now - in repeat mode all the way untill I reached home. Simply ear candy. There's nothing like it to soothe your soul after a long day...