Mai 11
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Sunday morning, I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. I hesitantly ditch the duvet, get up from bed and realise it had been raining. Good, my tomatoes needed it! I thought to myself while I opened the window to allow the fresh air into the room. I put my clothes on, step outside of the bedroom and Auntie S. asks me 你喜歡吃早餐? to which I replied a very enthusiastic ha!


Five minutes later I was sitting at the table eating two fried eggs, three sausages, three slices of pork, three cherry tomatoes, two slices of toasted bread and a Nespresso coffee while browsing the latest The Economist. All courtesy of Auntie S. (except The Economist), of course.


THIS is how Sunday morning should feel like... To make it perfect, the only (massively important) thing I would add is an off-work Mr Dino...