Jun 10
By Kawamura, às 23:06link do post | Comments

Arrived today by email:


"In addition the BU should provide a summary table of the KMC (including any floors that have previously been agreed i.e. PD floor):

  • PD – WAPD (current and previous) by grade and portfolio level, PD set points by grade;
  • EAD – model CCFs
  • LGD – values for each component e.g. NR PR, PL, LGL, LGR, LGD, benchmark LGD, retail and non-retail OWA LGD and EWA LGD."

Anyone got it? Right, I didn't think you did. I did - but I work with it everyday and even use some (ok, ALL...) of these accronyms everyday. Does it really make any sense that they rule our lives? No. But we still do it...


Like we say in portuguese: "two or three words for you: get a life, wankers!!"